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Students of Computer Science build website for CORONA VIRUS stats

Students of Computer Science build website for CORONA VIRUS stats 

Four university friends which are connected technologically and socially are teamed up after their graduation from Yorktown High School in Arlington a couple of years ago. Recently they joined and developed a social website for public purpose. Website tracks the corona virus epidemic; declared by WHO a public emergency for humanity of this generation.

They developed their project for latest projection of corona-virus; which is a serious threat to humanity of this generation. The website processes the real-time data about the spread of deadly virus, including infections, mortality, recovery & by country.

Real time stats website.

They termed a name to team as UVA team, members are Soukarya Ghosh, James Yun, Bilggnzaya Battogotokh and Austin Stout. They all are the students of computer science and belongs to a third year, fourth year and last of them are junior computer science respectively.

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