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Battle of Khyber historical figures

Battle of Khyber historical figures 

Happened in this twenty-fourth day of the month of rajab, the seventh year of migration in terms of the historical fact of khaybar were besieged the Jews in khyber fort named after being betrayed and reneged their vows with our prophet may allah bless him and for him.

Attacked the Muslims forts Khaybar constructed which began crumbling under them well after the other, and defended Jewish defense desperate, most notably the khyber that are preventing the bekaa and fertile land.

Why can’t some Islamic leaders at that time to open this fortress, it was the messenger of Allah (saw) and to recognize the importance of what this fortress Jews, said (the messenger of God and him): “to give me the flag tomorrow. A man who loved God and his messenger, and he loved God and his messenger”.

So people are waiting for the flag, as the morning call the Imam Ali (peace be upon him) and gave it to me, and requested him to invite them to Islam and enjoy the gift of faith. , where he said to him: ” do I have to take it easy, even for an hour, then let them to Islam, and tell them what they need from the right God, while God guides God you. One man. Good to have you red blessings “.

It appears that they have a lrsạly was never far from my yard. The conflict with the Jews, even in the most moments forestry, so he sent the messenger of Allah (saw) and has, Inter Alia, appeals to return to the Bible and meditate as it maybe That discourage their attitude stubborn and mtjbr, as stated in the book biography to hisham quoting ibn Ishaq, showing that a crusader infidels and the polytheists don’t have to be after the rejection of others for dialogue.

The work of the Imam Ali peace be upon him, the direction the messenger of Allah (saw him), But Jews, Abu, and stressed the Muslims the embargo on the fort until he fell, and the Jews and the rider, hi, known as proclaimed Muslims to a duel, and received the Imam (peace be upon him) and was able to Kill Him, what is the form of a blow against the Jews had them fighting their fight, the helpless, and stressed the Muslims, the embargo on the remainder of the defences, because they want to end the fighting, the tired they hunger, he was distressed, But the Jews were indifferent to the siege of their dependence on the hidden walks out to her.

Keep Muslims stressing the embargo, even fell apart all forts, latest fort lbzạh, and Muslims catapults to threaten with what’s left of the fortress of indignados therein, I won’t see Jews lhlkh. of surrender, art house’s son. The real me, the magistrate’s presentation on the prophet of Allah (saw) and that ” evacuate from the land of khaybar and Muslims the rest of what’s left, before the magistrate and condition them not to hold or change by something, If they didn’t pre-them, nor a promise “, The killing of Muslims found guilty as it was treacherous conditions for reconciliation.


Battle of Khyber historical figures

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