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MQM’s Media Trail Reality

MQM’s Media Trail Reality 

MQM (Muthida Qoumi Movement) always point out the media that they are running an anti-MQM campaign, and they gave some proves that reflect there is the existence of anti-MQM media campaign. When we think as the neutral perspective we saw some anchors are asking very aggressive questions and also didn’t give more time to clarify the MQM official point on that point.

Some of the examples that are also pointed by the members and supporters of the MQM is that when Altaf Hussain (Leader of MQM) said anything which has the double meaning are run on TV channels more than 24 hours. They asked Imran Khan, Khawaja Asif, and more than dozen people are told against the army, this news is not running more than an hour. But the anchors replied they are working fairly and not support anyone at the time of the program.

In 2009 when a PVT. Channel (ARY NEWS) disclose that the operation which is organized by NAWAZ Government in 1992 is only for crushing MQM. After this program telecast all the PML(N) members and leaders have arranged press conferences and told we are not involved but those are the mistake which they did in the past. Siddique-Al Farooq (well-known leader of PML-N) told a TV channel (ARY NEWS) that he will provide a helicopter to the Altaf Hussain to reached Pakistan. But the people asked Why?

If you are the right person and you did the last operation on merit basis then why you people feel shameful. This thing reflects there were the political aspects of the operation in 1992 and also in 2015.

When MQM gave examples of their past happing events then anchors will start cross questioning to them that in the past now what you people do in present. The things reflect what loop polls present in the media. Media anchors asked the MQM personals who listened to Altaf Hussain’s speech that they are guilty of listening anti-Pakistan speech but why media personal didn’t ask anything from the Imran Khan, Shahbaz Sharif, Haji Adeel, and etc. Why these people listen to the speech of Altaf Hussain. Did any case is registered in any police station(s) against these leaders. The supporters of MQM thinks in those areas of Karachi and Pakistan where people are not aware of their needs and their rights then how these people are registered the FIR against Altaf Hussain.

In some days before a rape case has been reported by the media in Punjab where police didn’t lodge FIR against the people who did the rape. But in that same district, FIR lodged by a citizen against hate speech of Altaf Hussain. Total FIR lodged in the country is more than 150 in a one night. How it’s possible at the same time more than 150 people register their FIR simultaneously.

People of Karachi and the supporters of MQM always thinks that media always support those people who are anti-Karachi and the citizen of Karachi. Chairman PTI Imran Khan told before the starting of the election in NA246 that he is not used any card in any area of Pakistan but when he reached in Karachi for the election campaign in NA246 he said his mother has belonged from INDIA so he is also half MOHAJIR. There he used MOHAJIR card.

I think these kinds of bias from the media analysts will remove. Analysts should be neutral so the program will get the rating.

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