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Islamabad protest Qadri will join Imran Khan

Islamabad protest Qadri will join Imran Khan 

After a huge argue Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri will join Imran Khan’s Islamabad protest. He announced in this statement in ARY-News program hosted by Mr. Kashif Abbasi.

In the year 2014, after the tragedy of Model town Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) alliance with Majlis-e-Wehdat-ul-Muslimeen (MWM) organized an protest and sit-in against sitting government of Mr. Nawaz Sharif. Imran Khan also organized an campaing Azadi March against Nawaz Sharif’s government that also lead to sit-in in Islamabad.

In mid 2016, Panama leaks created huge issues worldwide. Most of the Prime Minister’s resigned, only their names were appeared in that leaks.

Most of the political organisation in Pakistan also demanded an inquiry commission or the resignation of Mr. Sharif and all their alleged. Aggressively, Mr. Khan demanded the resignation of Mr. Sharif, recently he organised an protest in Raiwind on 30 September, 2016. He announced the another campaign against the government of Mr. Sharif, dated 02 November, 2016.

Dr. Qadri head of the PAT announced to join Imran Khan on 02 November, 2016. But he refused to answer that he will be the part of that protest or not. He was in the program of ARY News, hosted by Kashif Abbasi.

There is the question in the minds of all the readers that Molvi Abdul Aziz alleged with Lal Masjid also announced that he will support Imran Khan to lock down Islamabad. As I heard about Mr. Qadri announcement question raised in my mind that will these all are one?

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