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Funds to ISIS enroute from Karachi to Syria

Funds to ISIS enroute from Karachi to Syria 

Funds to support ISIS (DAISH) enroute from Karachi to Syria. Case has been filed by counter terrorism department on the fund transactions to ISIS Syria from Karachi, a student named Omar bin Khalid aka OBK belongs to NED University found in this investigation guilty.

According to the sources, counter terrorism department arrested OBK in December 2020 from Tariq Road, Karachi. However he got bailed because lack of evidence, approved against the personal surety bond.

Meantime, authorized personnel of CTD sent two mobile phones seized and sent for forensic. The digital forensic report found evidence against the accused and his accomplices. LEAs identified Omar’s accomplices as Junaid, Zia and Awais and named them in the case.

The facts revealed shockingly that the accused man is in touch with ISIS terrorism group and also with their families in Pakistan and Syria; he also used to make fund transactions ISIS terrorist group in various means. Some officials claimed, this was used in terrorist activities in Syria and possibly in Pakistan too.

In Pakistan, security officials and CTD both are hopeful and expressed they would act according to the law against the terror financing and terror financing group.

Terrorism background in Pakistan

According to media belongs to both Middle-East and International, ISIS claimed the responsibility of terror attack on Hazara Shia coalminers in the start of this new year, 2021 January.

Previously some officials claimed Sipha-e-Shahba (SSP) and Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ) as terror importer of ISIS in Pakistan. Nowadays, both of them and also other similar factions of this mindset working as Rah-e-Haq party; used as a cover to shelter their activities and also divert world public attention from their real affiliation.

Malicious ideology of hate and bigotry of Haq Nawaz Jhangvi was followed by M Ahmed Ludhianvi, Aurangzeb Farooqui, Ramzan Mengal and remnants of Usman Kurd.

In world politics, westerns block recruited, trained, funded and used them as proxy against ex-USSR so-called Afghan jihad, which was an war for this region and against ex-USSR. Till to date, this war is continue to wreak havoc in Afghanistan and Pakistan and spread to Syria and Iraq.


Funds to ISIS enroute from Karachi to Syria

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