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From a student stage to leader then faces traitor allegations

From a student stage to leader then faces traitor allegations 

A child was born in Muslim family, a father was a renowned person belongs to India. The family was migrated after the partition. He earlier studied in Karachi, at the age of twenty plus (20+), his admission was rejected by the University of Karachi (UoK) in B-Pharmacy. He started the campaign with some university mates against this rejection on the basis of Quota system. In the age of 25, he pioneered a student movement with the few of his mates named All Pakistan Mohajir Student Organization (APMSO) in 1978, later on, that movement was given the birth to a political organization named as Mohajir Qoumi Movement (MQM) in 1984. There was some difference between organizations and the movements, when the leader is popular and have the following to the general public then he/she would be a part of any organization or pioneered any organization. If any sectarian or ethnic group needs their rights which would be treated as the third-degree citizens, then people will start any movement to retaliate.

Mr. Altaf Hussain, the name of that particular student who started the movement in his early age and becomes a leader. A leader who have millions of followers, thousands of followers who gave his life in the name of his leader.

He’s the person who initiated a movement for an ethnic group from UoK, turned into a biggest political movement. This movement asked people to cast their valuable votes in favor of Mr. Hussain or in favor of this movement. Local bodies’ election of 1986 was proved the popularity of Mr. Hussain and his movement.

Mr. Hussain always talked against the quota system and all policies those are based on the quota system. After the local bodies’ election Mr. Hussain & MQM never looked back, they contested the elections of provincial as well as National Assembly.

In the mid-year of 1992, the state started an operation against the criminals and turned that operation’s face to MQM. More than fifteen thousand (15,000+) workers and supporters were extra-judicial killed, more than three thousand (3000+) worker and supporters were missing. In a meanwhile, the state was involved in breaking MQM into some parts. They are successful, but people rejected those all groups of MQM, they supported and voted in favor of Mr. Hussain. The history of MQM, contest and won all the elections till general election 2016.

Been a slogan shouted at hunger strike camp on 22 August, 2016, then the situation was changed. Some sources confirmed that the slogans were anti-Pakistan and some were confirmed that the slogans are anti-state policies. Mr. Hussain’s speech is ban in Pakistan since mid-year of 2015, how anyone confirmed that slogan.

As per the law, his voice is ban in Pakistan will any case registered in against of those who listen to his voice to use against him? Will any case be registered against them who listen to his voice on social media? Behind all the scene, the state used his power again and declared Mr. Altaf Hussain is a traitor.

Resolutions, media blackouts are proved. According to which law they are discussing Mr. Altaf Hussain, as Lahore High Court ban his speech, pictures, and voice. Maybe traitor must not be discussed like this.

After his character assassination, his voters and supporters are in confusion what they will do. They monitor every minor occurrence of any event.

After all the events those have occurred on 22nd of August 2016, a person which is a second renowned person in MQM, staged a press conference with all his colleagues and most of the lawmakers indifferent them from his/her founder and leader.

No doubt, from a student he becomes a leader but traitor allegations are serious, let see what his supporters, workers, and voters decide. Time have the better answer, just wait and watch rather than making any speculation.

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