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Tomorrow it could be you
Civil Rights

Tomorrow it could be you 

A nation that crowns Quack-Rhodisac as healers, fortune-tellers as Astrologists, those working as ward boys claim to be doctors of their own established clinics, where counterfeit-degree holders are Ministers sitting in Parliament or in some cases, are appointed as Education Ministers.

Ph.D. holders are humiliated by those who bribe and buy their positions in the field they are not experts. Grief-stricken destitute homes are around the corner of extravagant Mosques, where Protectors of borders label Terrorists as Mujahideens under the pretext of “Strategic Assets” and loot more than thieves. A nation where merchants thrive on charging significant amounts to their customers under embossed hoardings of Quranic verses. In a country where hunger and poverty dance and the rulers watch the spectacle. If someone belongs to Shia community is subjected to enforced disappearance, faces illegal state oppression, or is killed based on his faith, then why worry? When right after the imminent inception of this nation, it saw glimpses of such tragedies.

There is no place or street left from Karachi to Khyber, where the blood of those who love Imam Ali (PBUH) and his children (PBUH) has not been subject to persecution. Pakistan’s history is drenched in the martyrdom and state repression of Shian-e- Imam Ali’s (PBUH). Why now has the state started a new chapter of enforced disappearance in this country with the oppressed community?

Are you unaware that the constitution prevails in Pakistan?

Do you deem yourself above the existing law and constitution of Pakistan?

As a student of politics, I am asking these questions to the people of this country. If the answers to questions are in YES, then take the nails of consciousness for God’s sake.

Yazid killed the children of Fatima (PBUH) in Karbala, and they were taken captive from Karbala to Syria. Nevertheless, Truth reduced the throne and the government of Hinda’s children [who chewed the liver of Hazrat Hamza (PBUH)] to dust.

Today, I am a prisoner. If you do not raise your voice today, you will be a prisoner tomorrow.

If the missing persons were guilty, they should be brought to the courts of an independent judiciary and sentenced accordingly. And, If they are innocent, they should be honorably acquitted according to the constitution. I request you to please raise your voice against the ongoing oppression.

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