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Action plan transform into Accommodation plan
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Action plan transform into Accommodation plan 

The plan, which is formed by Government of Pakistan in January, 2015 named as National Action Plan to counter against the terrorism. This was major coordinated state retaliation following the deadly Peshawar school attack. The plan received unprecedented levels of support and co-operation across the country’s political spectrum, inclusive of the federal and provincial governments.

National Action Plan was starting to support Operation Zarb-e-Azb.

According to the official statement of the Pakistan’s government, this operation was started for those who directly involved or supported financially or morally these terrorists activities.

After a few months this operation was turned into the National Accommodation Plan for all those terrorists organisations as well as the banned outfits. Banned outfit’s network were very strong in Karachi, sectarian killings were the evidence of that network.

Some of the politicians and also the political organisation were supporting these banned outfits for there own cause. Some were supporting them for getting the votes, using the public scares.

In Karachi, federal government imposed the ban on all banned outfits on collecting the hides, and also guide the people with paid content, NOT TO DONATE HIDES TO BANNED OUTFITS.

These were the marvelous step, which every citizen was supported. But we were find the some bitter faces of this plan. These banned outfits stopped their door to door activities, but they started the collections of the donations and hides on public places. This action plan were not restricted on the collections of donations or the collections of hides, this plan is equally counter act for all the killers, belongs to every political organisation or every banned outfits.

But, renowned politicians, parliamentarians, professors, authors, journalist, judges, civil society activists and also the actors and Sufi singer were killed. Because they defined the NAP as National Accommodation Plan rather then the Action Plan.

Oh, sorry! The National Action Plan is also plan to implement only on Shiite’s processions of Jaloos & Aazaadaari. If authorities used this against banned outfits then results will definitely different.

We are respecting all the laws, constitution of Pakistan authorized us to perform our religious activities without any pressure.

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