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Civil Rights

Traffic disturbed as sit-in protests continues against Hazara genocide continue in Karachi for third day 

Traffic disturbances were detailed in numerous zones of the Karachi once more on Thursday as dissents and sit-ins against the slaughtering of 11 Shia Hazara mineworkers in Baluchistan prior this week proceeded for a third day within the city. According to a traffic official, security officials have moreover been sent to help the activity police and guarantee law and arrange in the zones mentioned. Abbas Town (Abul Hasan Ispahani Road), Kamran Chowrangi at Gulistan-i-Jauhar, Powerhouse Chowrangi in North Karachi, Numaish (MA Jinnah…

Civil Rights

Tomorrow it could be you 

A nation that crowns Quack-Rhodisac as healers, fortune-tellers as Astrologists, those working as ward boys claim to be doctors of their own established clinics, where counterfeit-degree holders are Ministers sitting in Parliament or in some cases, are appointed as Education Ministers. Ph.D. holders are humiliated…


Personality and Accountability 

Era of social media, we must identify the communication gap between same thinkers, believers, workers, writers & deploy efforts to remove those gaps. There are multiple examples of those people who gained fame due to the social media; ‘Chai Wala’ is one example personality due…