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Personality and Accountability

Personality and Accountability 

Era of social media, we must identify the communication gap between same thinkers, believers, workers, writers & deploy efforts to remove those gaps. There are multiple examples of those people who gained fame due to the social media; ‘Chai Wala’ is one example personality due to social media influence in our society.

Influence of media industry is quite increased in our society, social media is now the easiest way to get the audience for electronic media as well as the print media. Social media is not restricted to promote its influence in Pakistan, the best of its example is the protest demonstration against the government of Libya and the rallies/protests which affected whole Middle East. All of those who joined rallies or protests are only connected with social media. These influences aren’t ending here. Bollywood shot a movie ‘Bhajrangi Bhaijaan’, that showed the power of influential social media.

Social media can’t be restricted to promote protests/rallies demonstration against the governments.

There is the vital role of social media which helps people to join hands in welfare. It helps those people who want to work as a volunteer in any welfare project, due to the communication gap they can’t be a part of any welfare work or project. Social media ended that particular communication gap, also it is helpful for those who are collecting the funds for these welfare projects.

There are multiple people who belong to the welfare organization and also the welfare organizations are now authentic personal/organization due to the social media. Not only the person/organization but also the welfare projects promoted through the social media. For example ‘FIX IT’ campaign was related to the cleanliness of the city and there are multiple projects by NGOs and welfare organizations.

Social media now a days have authority to create the personality and increase its authenticity. ‘Alamgir Khan’, ‘Hasanain Abbas’, ‘Qutaiba Mehmood’, ‘Zafar Abbas’, ‘Hassan Butt’ and thousands of people are the best example.

Social media is an influencer now a days but authenticity will increase when personality and the organizations are ‘Accountable’ in front of masses who put their trust in such persons & organizations.

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