About Haider Rizvi

Haider Rizvi speaks up ablunt on issues, people ignore or avoid, to prevent risk to them or their loved ones, but if not us then whom? He says it loud what people whisper in fear.

Haider Rizvi is a democracy lover and a religious fanatic in Pakistan. He is politically motivated and active with the ideology of liberal and secular Pakistan, He follows the concept of leadership from middle and lower middle class people who understand minuscule issues.

Since 2010 Haider Rizvi has been speaking from college/universities auditorium to gatherings of millions in Karachi, and now on social media with thousands of viewership. He does not compromise on his thoughts and puts his heart out in resistance if there is an unconstitutional behavior of establishment, or unlawful behavior of judiciary. Pakistan needs a cleanup of dictatorship and controlled courts and media.

Haider has always tried to strive and raise his voice against the injustices and the oppression. He has won hundreds of awards on his public speaking skills and worked on many designations in political and youth organizations.

He aims to serve towards the Society and Community; affiliated from Shia Missing Persons Movement, Spokesperson. He recently dared to question state institutions of Pakistan on providing comfort to known terrorist and spokesperson of Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan Ehsan Ullah Ehsan and not arresting internationally declared terrorist Hafeez Saeed who is roaming in Pakistan openly, Haider also raised questions on giving space to ISIS sympathizer and cleric of Lal Masjid Islamabad Movi Aziz.