Activist have launched Human rights awareness campaign in London regarding Enforced Disappearances in Pakistan. The campaign hopes to highlight the dire human rights situation in Pakistan, particularly the human rights abuses faced by Balochs, Sindhis, Pashtuns, Mohajirs and Shiites in the country.

The campaign focuses on the issue of Enforced Disappearances in Pakistan, where thousands have been abducted. Abuses faced such as extra-judicial killings with their bodies dumped on roadside, bearing signs of extreme torture as Amnesty International has coined the term “Kill and Dump” policy for such atrocious acts. While others remain disappeared for unknown period of time, activists, teachers, students, doctors, intellectuals and journalists who have voiced their opinions against atrocities of State continue to suffer. Freedom of speech that media holds is persistent in mentioning disappearance cases, in-fact all those aggressive activities committed by State that violate human rights are not aired on media channels along with denied access to International Human Rights committees for investigation.

The state forces have been using enforced disappearances as a tool to crush the voices of Baloch & other oppressed people like Pashtun, Sindhi, Mohajir & Shiite’s people in Pakistan. Despite of the fact that enforced disappearances is a crime against humanity according to the international law & despite of the fact that Pakistan is a signatory of the international conventions against enforced disappearances, the cases of enforced disappearances at the hands of Pakistani authorities continue to grow day by day.

Mr. Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti (President, Baloch Republican)

Sit-in Protest

On April ’19, Shia Missing Persons Movement staged a sit-in protest outside Karachi residence of Dr. Arif Alvi (President of Pakistan). The protesters were carrying portraits of missing persons, and all age group, people from different background expressed solidarity with missing persons families.

Shia Missing Persons Movement and the families of missing persons believe in legal battle and peaceful struggle within the ambit of law. Biased cops picked up innocent Shia youths from their houses and subjected them to enforced disappearance. When families began protest, police showed them arrested to hoodwink people.

Rashid Rizvi ( Chairman, Shia Missing Persons Movement)

The State finally begins to surrender before the patience of the protesters. In first phase, 12 of the 47 missing from Karachi were to be released by CTD. All 12 names were announced in sit-in protest.

12 Missing Persons Released

The State finally begins to surrender before the patience of families of #ShiaMissingPersons. As per reports 12 of the 47 missing from Karachi will be released by CTD. All 12 names were announced in Dharna yesterday night. Who will hold CTD accountable for it’s unconstitutional practices? #RecoverSHIAmissingPersons #StopShiiteVictimization

Posted by ‎Haider Rizvi حیدر رضوی‎ on Friday, May 3, 2019

Renowned Shia religious scholars, NohwaKhawan, Civil and Human rights activists also expressed their solidarity.

Irfan Haider recited evocation

Following missing persons have been released today, 1. Jaun Abbas 2. Muhammad Ali 3. Qurban Ali 4. Muhammad Mansoor 5. Babar Hussain 6. Shabi ul Hasan 7. Syed Muzzafar Shah (Khairpur) 8. Saeed Ahmed It was committed that 8 people would be released today after which the protest was called off. Each and every person on the list of missing persons deserves the right to fair trial and MUST be released soon. Truth is always sheltered by nature while fake required inorganic energy. Without media attention, #ShiaMissingPerson’s protest, not only growing up on each successive day but became the first effective protest in this specific context.

Posted by ‎Haider Rizvi حیدر رضوی‎ on Saturday, May 11, 2019

Police had detained more than 36 protesters and an FIR was filed on behalf of the state against five nominated persons as well as 250-300 unknown people over a host of charges. FIR No 123/2019 included false charges such as riot, ransacking, hampering pedestrian movement, etc. and police also hurled more baseless charges that the sit-in protesters were inciting people by raising slogans against state and President of Pakistan.

After 27 people have been recovered. 11 of them were produced before Anti Terrorism Court(s) (ATC), four under trial before Military Courts were handed over to the Malir Police and 12 have been freed. As per commitment by the authorities, 8 more missing persons will be released day after the sit-in protest will be ended.

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Malir police were took the custody of Zahid Haider Kashmiri, Naeem Haider, Syed Hussain Ahmad, and Syed Sheraz Ahmed and they have also been given access to their families.

More than 10 peoples including Faraz Asghar, who went missing for 2 and a half years, returned home after the sit-in protest ended.

Faraz Aghar returned back to home

Faraz Asghar, who went missing for 2 and a half years, returned home yesterday. We are striving for more missing persons to get them reunited with their families. #ShiaMissingPersons

Posted by ‎Haider Rizvi حیدر رضوی‎ on Sunday, May 12, 2019

State Oppression

On February ’19, Rashid Rizvi (Chairman, Shia Missing Persons Movement) faced torture and was arrested while staging a peaceful protest (Token Hunger Strike) outside Old Rizvia Society with the families of Shia Missing Persons.

Background of the Movement

The activist, Rashid Rizvi and his team members are continuously striving since three years for more missing persons to get them reunited with their families.

Basically, Shia Missing Persons Movement was started in 2016; motive was to revoke the illegal abduction of Shiite’s people, especially those were returned from Karbala.

Authorities raised multiple allegations on them. Most specific was; they were fighting with Zainabiyoun & Fatmiyoun Military alliance formed for the protection for the Shrine of Bibi Zainab (PBUH) [daughter of Imam Ali (PBUH)].

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30th August — Short Documentary over Enforced Disappearances

30th August — a day for those who’re the victims of Enforced Disappearances. Enforced Disappearance issue is quite important for this government to solve. This time both Ministry are with PTI; Imran Khan & Shireen Mazari has Interior & Human Rights ministries respectively. On the behalf of all families irrespective of cast, religion, ethnic or any other discrimination I request to both of them to please recover all missing persons. If anyone is convicted of a crime, then present them in courts. Pakistan is a welfare & constitutional state, everyone has a right to speak; it’s not a banana 🍌 republic.

Posted by ‎Haider Rizvi حیدر رضوی‎ on Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Enforced disappearances issue is quite important for this government because Prime Minster Mr. Imran Khan promised with all the families of Missing Persons that he will solve this issue on priority basis.

Action required,

Constant violation of laws against dissident voices is becoming a norm in Pakistan. From torture to systemic oppression of marginalized communities has given nothing but despair to the minorities of Pakistan. Words are empty, expressions are meaningless for such atrocities of State. Anyone convicted of a crime must be produced in courts with the provision of fair trial as per the constitution and law of Pakistan. This just doesn’t define the oppressive narratives but also carves an image of a State built on democracy clearly violates constitutions and does not upheld the Law. A fascist image for future generation to silently accept the uneven order and bear the the disgruntled lives where only killing, enforced abductions and hate speech is the solution to a different option that strives to correct the mistakes of a Govt is what Faiz warned:

Fear of Faiz has taken a realistic image. The criticism is solely for the betterment of the future of Pakistan.


Software Engineer, Blogger, Human Rights Activist. Spokespersons of Shia Missing Persons Movement. Haider has always tried to strive and raise his voice against the injustices and the oppression. He has won hundreds of awards on his public speaking skills and worked on many designations in political and youth organizations.

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